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From September 2006 to August 2011

Every post and project tagged with jquery is listed right below. Feel free to dig around or to use the browser search (ctrl + f) if you're in a hurry.

2 projects started and one post in 2011

  1. The plains project web-based note organization tool No comments Tags: plains, organizing, webdesign, php, html, css, javascript, jquery, rest, usability
  2. NNTP forum - a forum like NNTP frontend 3 comments Tags: programming, nntp, php, jquery
  3. NNTP-Forum web-based newsgroup frontend No comments Tags: nntp, php, programming, javascript, jquery, html, simplicity, atom, university

2 projects started and 3 posts in 2010

  1. Simple Chat: the details 2 comments Tags: programming, php, javascript, jquery, simplicity
  2. A simple chat in about 50 lines of code 17 comments Tags: programming, php, javascript, jquery, simplicity
  3. Mail address and text obfuscator 2 comments Tags: programming, html, unicode, spam, javascript, jquery
  4. HTML obfuscator web-based utility No comments Tags: html, unicode, spam, javascript, jquery
  5. Simple Chat maintenance-free chat without a database No comments Tags: php, javascript, jquery, simplicity

One post in 2007

  1. Projekte Written in German 10 comments Tags: simple-localization, table-navigation, jquery

One project started and 2 posts in 2006

  1. Navigate through table rows using the keyboard Written in German 1 comment Tags: table-navigation, javascript, jquery
  2. Table Navigation jQuery plugin No comments Tags: jquery, javascript, html, css
  3. Arkanis Development Version 2 Written in German No comments Tags: arkanis-development, programming, webdesign, html, css, atom, jquery, rails