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From June 2006 to October 2010

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One post in 2010

  1. What games are supposed to be 2 comments Tags: games, aquaria, bigger-picture

One post in 2009

  1. Entwicklung, Patente… und die Menschheit Written in German No comments Tags: philosophical, patents, bigger-picture, university

One post in 2008

  1. Zwei Gründe warum der Tod nicht besiegt werden darf 3 comments Tags: philosophical, death, bigger-picture

One post in 2007

  1. Mal wieder ein paar Gedanken… Written in German 1 comment Tags: philosophical, virtual-worlds, human-computer-interaction, bigger-picture

4 posts in 2006

  1. Zukunft und Energie für die Welt Written in German 5 comments Tags: environment, energy, nuclear-power, co2, bigger-picture
  2. History of Programming Languages Written in German No comments Tags: programming, history, bigger-picture
  3. ZGR macht Spaß… manchmal Written in German 6 comments Tags: zgr, lan, organizing, bigger-picture
  4. The Power of the Marginal Written in German No comments Tags: philosophical, programming, bigger-picture